Global P4P is a Civil construction company operating throughout Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.
The P4P part of our name stands for People for Projects, as we know first-hand from onsite experience how critical it is to get quality staff on your project.
Global P4P provide a diverse range of civil engineering services to our clients including site clearing, bulk earthworks, civil construction, Remediation works, Landfill civil construction and labour hire. Our capability to self-perform the majority of the scope enables us to optimise the project cost, quality and schedule to ensure we deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.
Our workers are fully trained in their field and understand the importance of Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. With over 15 years of experience in managing teams on construction sites, P4P has a proven track record in providing quality people for both large and small scale projects throughout Australia.
We deliver significant productivity benefits by ensuring that our teams are reliable, flexible and are fully compliant with the requirements on your site.


If you need a one-off placement or a whole team [and their project management] – Global P4P is your first call for reliable, safe labour for the construction industry.













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Why use Global P4P

Safety Focused Labour

Global P4P only supply teams that have strong experience in some of the most safety conscious environments and industries, like Mining and Oil & Gas. You benefit from their experience on sites where compliance was extremely high and closely monitored.

We take the Headache out of Hiring

We have worked closely with these teams and ensure we deliver the right people for the job with all the necessary qualifications. We know what type of people are needed and are successful on site, and our vetting process is incredibly high. We have personally worked with many of our teams and can highly recommend all our staff.

As a client, you can be confident we will find and manage people for your project. We fit the right person to the job whether it be general laborers, heavy plant operators, fitters, engineers, project managers or construction managers.

We can manage and administer the on-boarding to the work site and provide a timesheet and payroll solution which alleviates the need for you to absorb those administration costs.


Your project benefits from a workforce that are fully trained in the tasks you need on site – saving on expensive downtime. We check all qualifications and have a standard for ensuring the team’s qualifications are up to date.

Zero Harm

All our people are highly aware of workplace, health and safety. Zero harm is our top priority – in any job and in any situation.


Global P4P use a tablet based system which stores employee data including their completed/required training and appropriate tickets. This system alerts our workers when certification expiry dates are approaching so they can keep up to date and reduce downtime.

Plant and Machinery

We can supply plant and machinery for your job – where and when you require. If it’s an excavator for a month or a grader for 4 days, Global P4P will be able to get the them source quickly.

Project Management

P4P offers a unique service to our clients. Not only supplying people and plant, we can also project manage the job for you. Any job. Any location. Our skilled engineers and project managers can deliver your job on time, on budget and with zero incidents.\


Our priority is quality and safety on every project. We know our people – as we’ve worked with them on numerous projects and can recommend their reliability and performance. They are honest, hard workers, who are flexible and can adapt at short notice to your site’s requirements.  Your productivity increases because you have people who want to perform – every shift, every week.


Our workers also use an on-line timesheet system which helps track time and accurately manage timesheets efficiently.

Global P4P maintains close communication from the job to the office by regular on-site visits either daily or weekly as well as regular operational meetings. Two-way communication about how the job is going minimizes unnecessary confusion and lost time and increases productivity on jobs.


Zero harm is our top priority – in any location and in any situation.

To uphold our values and establish a foundation for future growth, we ensure there is little room for error by using a process based approach to our business.

We are proud of our reputation – and understand, in construction, that we are as good as our people on-site. The way we do business is built on honesty and integrity helping form a solid commitment with our clients and our staff.

As directors of Global P4P we believe we have the experience and passion to be a key part of the success of your company. Our world class systems and procedures deliver a balance of safer and more efficient project outcomes.

Our policies are operated by industry professionals who have been project managers and leaders in construction and understand the challenges of remote area work and the important role that our personnel play in maintaining a safe and productive worksite.


I was very impressed with the level of productivity and quality that the team delivered. However, of most importance, was their ability to achieve this high standard of work while still keeping a committed focus on optimum workplace safety.

Safety compliance is a key focus for MPC, and the industry in general, so it was very pleasing that we were able to engage a company that shared the same high value and level of commitment to Zero Harm as we do. Their dedication to compliance is only matched by their high work standard and their ability to meet tight project schedules within the budget allocated.

Barry Heverin

Project Manager, MURPHY PIPE & CIVIL


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Michael Harding

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Patrick Doheny

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Brendan Luddy